SEIDOR Announces SAP Concur Reseller Agreement


SEIDOR Announces SAP Concur Reseller Agreement as the only reseller in UAE

SEIDOR MENA, SAP’s largest solutions provider today announced an expansion of it’s partnership with the world’s leading provider of integrated expense management solutions.

Together, SEIDOR and Concur will be able to help customers save countless hours that would be have been wasted tracking expenses manually and sorting through piles of paperwork. Thus, switching from manual work processes to digital solutions which allows users seamlessly transition away from legacy pen and paper systems to an easy to use mobile, cloud based platform where they can manage expenses, accounts payable invoice automation digitally.

Concur solutions is a complete mobile application, which makes it easy for employees to book or input any expenses on the go, this adding transparency into the complex expenses management and invoicing process. Real time data within the system enables companies to accurately forecast spend and automates accounts payables. No longer waste time filling out spreadsheets or by hand, as employees can input data, file receipts and track directly from mobile app.

Together with Concur, Seidor will be enabling more modern and digital work environment that optimizes process where ultimately supporting customers to save time and money. Getting the most value of any technologies require more than plugging in solution. It requires deep understanding of company strategies, vision and processes to help you get there.

SEIDOR can help and difference with 38+ years of IT technology experience and with decades of consulting know-how and SAP services. With more than 13,000 SAP implementations and dedicated thousands of consultants, SEIDOR stands ready to help businesses on their digital transformation journey with tested methodologies, templates and training toolsets.

To learn more how SEIDOR can help you to leverage SAP Concur Expense management to simplify your processes, please reach us out at

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